Robot follows application

Your requirements are the initial starting point; together we then develop and build the individual pipetting robot for the solution you want to offer in your market – based on our technology and our liquid handling know-how accelerating your development cycle.

The size of the pipetting robot, whether it has a hood or not, which modules and accessories are needed: all are defined according to the requirements of the application you want to automate for your customers in your market.

XYZ automated liquid handling robot for
integration and OEM applications


Xantus® is a modular robotic pipetting platform, combining flexible liquid handling with robotic manipulation of microplates and other devices. With all functionality, including the pumps, housed in the arm, Xantus design simplifies both system development and integration as well as stand-alone robotic automation.

Integrating modules such as shakers, heaters, vacuum modules and the Ixion robot friendly microplate centrifuge can expand Xantus functionality.


Xantus features include

  • Open geometry facilitates integration with off-deck modules, conveyors etc.
  • Pipetting volume 1µl to 1ml using the same pump, with excellent precision
  • Customisation according to footprint, X-range, arm configuration, functional modules and software
  • Easy to use GUI drag-and-drop application software and/or DLL/COM-object software
  • Unique compact low maintenance pump system resides in the robotic arm, leaving the deck free for application samples and modules, and simplifies integration projects





The integration of external modules and accessories is simplified on Xantus platforms due to its availability in several deck sizes and its variable X-range.

Xantus Applications Overview

Xantus is a freely programmable robotic sample processor. Both the hardware and software can be configured and optimised to perform a very wide range of applications.

Our OEM partners validate the software programs to offer the final liquid handling solution in their market. The following is a list of just some automatable applications.

  • Immunohaematology
  • Drug Discovery, Combinatorial Chemistry, Screening and Synthesis
  • NMR Setup
  • High Volume Pipetting
  • High Throughput Research in the Automotive Industry
  • Automated Milk Testing
  • Soil Analysis


In serology, serum is often tested for specific antibodies against infectious diseases, autoantibodies, allergens, etc.

We develop and build automated OEM solutions for ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) applications based on the flexible Xantus platform.

Automation of Diagnostic Testing

Together with our OEM customers we develop instruments for the automated diagnosis of infectious diseases as well as allergy and other antigen/antibody based test kits.

Plug and play

The standard Xantus platform can be used to automate ELISA setup, and when combined with appropriate functional modules (incubator, washer and reader) it can perform the complete assay. We produce all the modules that are required for OEM automated ELISA solutions.

They are ready to be plugged in and work on the Xantus-based platform accelerating product development. The layout of this flexible platform allows for customer-specific modifications of modules and their fast and easy implementation.

The systems can be equipped for the use of washable or disposable tips or a combination of both. They are covered with a hood, either partly or completely.

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