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Cavro® liquid handling pumps

Tecan Cavro pumps at the heart of your OEM instrument

At the heart of Tecan's OEM product range are the Cavro brand OEM pumps. The extensive range includes both air and liquid displacement pumps – as well as continuous flow technologies – to meet the needs of a broad variety of applications in sample preparation, autosampling and IVD applications.

All Cavro pumps benefit from Tecan's quality workmanship and over 40 years of expertise in OEM component design, helping to ensure there is a Tecan Cavro pump to suit virtually any application. Alternatively, our experienced engineering team can develop a customized solution to meet your exact requirements.

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Cavro Air Displacement Pump

Smallest and most sophisticated air pipettors on the market.

Cavro Syringe Pumps

Highly reproducible flow rates with minimum pulsation.

Cavro Pulssar piston pumps

Accuracy in an OEM piston pump design, with exceptional low volume performance.

Cavro Diaphram Pumps

Compact and easy-to-use continuous flow diaphragm pumps.

Cavro Pump Match Quiz

This interactive guide will help you determine the best pump for your application.

DaAn Gene said:
We are very happy with the excellent product performance and quality, plus the strong support we have received.

Mr Junan Hong, Research and Development Director for DaAn Gene

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