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Cavro® probes

Tecan probes to optimize your application

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Our broad portfolio of Cavro liquid handling probes ensures we can provide the right solution to suit your needs, offering easy integration, simplifying product development and accelerating time to market. Key benefits include:

  • Deck space optimization – freeing up more labware space and reducing the need for user intervention
  • Effective tip washing – Wash station minimizes carry-over of reagents or samples by washing the inside and outside of the probes
  • Liquid Level Detection – Capacitance-based liquid detection ensures effective aspiration and minimizes carry-over
Cavro Liquid Handling Probes Brochure

Probe dimensions

We offer a variety of probe sizes to match the broad dynamic range of our liquid handling modules and the needs of your application. Options include:

  • High capacity – For maximum throughput, large volume probes allow multi-dispensing of liquids to several destinations following a single aspiration. Ideal for bulk dispensing
  • Low volume – Offering optimal accuracy and precision, these probes ensure reliable and reproducible liquid transfers down to less than 1 μl
  • Variable bores – Multiple options to ensure consistent performance for dispensing of, for example, non-homogeneous or highly viscous samples, as well as the use of high density plate formats


To maximize service life and ensure exceptional chemical resistance, Cavro probes are available with a number of external and internal finishes:

  • Uncoated – Offering excellent value for most applications
  • Ceramic – Compatible with applications using harsh chemicals or slurry suspensions
  • PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) – Hydrophobic, non-stick coating to minimize the risk of carry-over and improve pipetting performance for viscous fluids, as well as improved DMSO-resistance

Specialized applications

Specialized probes are available to suit a number of common applications, including:

  • Cap piercing – These probes have a modified, narrower geometry for improved septum piercing, as well as a thicker wall to ensure rigidity; also available coated to reduce friction
  • NMR needles – Ceramic-coated probes allowing direct injection of samples into NMR spectrometers
  • 8-channel – Offers access to common labware formats, such as 96-well microplates; 384-channel – High precision, low volume probes for dispensing into high density microplates