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Cavro® Linear Option Board (LO Board)

Motor-drive electronics under your control

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The Cavro Linear Option Board is a single-axis motor controller for one stepper motor, with both logic and motor-drive electronics on a single board.

Using the familiar Tecan Cavro command set, the board has inputs for one homing sensor and one step loss sensor, complete with additional auxiliary inputs and outputs.

  • Compatible with other Tecan Cavro components
  • Economical
  • Reliable

Operating from a single 24 V DC power supply, the board is designed to be easily integrated into any electronic laboratory system, and includes device diagnostics, self-test and error reporting for full auditing and reporting functions.

The Cavro Linear Option Board is programmable through our software

  • to add another driver board for external devices
  • for absolute, relative or endless moves, with
  • user-defined speed and acceleration
  • for embedded command strings to operate without a host PC.