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Cavro® Omni Robot

Flexible OEM liquid handling robot

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The Cavro Omni Robot is a general purpose liquid handling component designed to offer reliable pipetting for a wide range of applications, including clinical diagnostics, life sciences and analytical chemistry.

Its flexible, modular construction makes the Cavro Omni Robot easy to integrate into almost any instrument design, with a range of options to suit your pipetting needs.


The robot is designed to be highly configurable, allowing any combination of XY, YZ or XYZ axes, with up to two arms per X-axis. Left- and right-oriented Y-axes and corresponding Z-drives are available, with a choice of three styles of Z-axis to suit the specific needs of your application, including:

  • Standard Z-axis – single-channel, liquid-displacement pipetting with a choice of fixed or disposable tips
  • Dual Z-axis – allows two standard single-channel pipetting heads to be mounted on the same arm for greater flexibility
  • Universal Z-axis – offers easy mechanical integration of advanced options and higher payloads


To increase the versatility of the system, Tecan offers a selection of fully integrated options for the Universal Z-axis:

  • Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) – pneumatically-driven, single-channel pipetting option designed for integration into instruments requiring minimal maintenance or where space is at a premium
  • Eight-channel pipetting head – designed to enhance throughput and allow parallel sample processing
  • Gripper – allows automated manipulation of standard tube and microplate formats to significantly enhance walkaway times by reducing the need for manual intervention

The Cavro Omni Robot has been developed with ease of integration in mind. Its optimized firmware and command set offer precise control and coordination of axis movements and liquid handling operations, with both Windows®-based and embedded, OS-independent command sets to allow direct communication and control from any computer or custom control board.

This allows instrument designers to concentrate on applications rather than control of individual robotic axes, enabling shorter development cycles and faster time-to-market.



Safety and regulatory compliance

Tecan Cavro OEM components are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, meeting ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 requirements, EU RoHS directives and the QSR compliant quality system.

Most Tecan Cavro components are UL recognized components (standard UL61010A-1) and bear the UL designation label. The UL file number is E164638. Products shown are not to scale and specifications are subject to change without notice.