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    Whether you are looking to outsource a complex development, find a component or module for an in-house project or looking for a partner to provide technical support for an existing product, you can choose Tecan as your OEM partner with confidence.

    All our products and services are the result of Tecan’s constant dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. With a long history of developing for and serving highly regulated markets, you can be sure that Tecan’s products and services will meet the most demanding requirements – yours.

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    Partnering Support

    Tecan service covers the entire service and support process

    Tecan has 30 years’ experience in providing regulatory-compliant, verified and validated services. We believe delivering professional service and support options is an integral part of being a total solution provider.

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    Compliance and guidance

    Quality control and regulatory compliance

    We take regulatory compliance seriously—in our own products and in everything we build for you.

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    The OEM Blog

    The OEM Blog

    Register for the Tecan Blog and have access to informative postings covering the entire spectrum of OEM solution development and associated areas of interest. The blog is regularly updated with new articles by many of Tecan’s subject matter experts.

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    Concept & design

    Our team, dedicated to your project

    When your project requires something new, something you’ve never done before, our most creative concept specialists work with you to bring your vision to life.

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    Engineering & development

    System integration

    Complex systems are our business. We can unite multiple subsystems to ensure smooth operation of your entire platform.

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    Manufacturing & support

    Contract manufacturing

    From prototype to production. Time is of the essence...but so are quality and reproducibility.

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