Cavro® Magni Flex  (coming soon)

Application-focused multichannel liquid handling technology for OEM integration

The Cavro Magni Flex is an automated, low to medium throughput, modular and scalable platform designed to offer flexible integration of liquid handling capabilities to meet your specific application needs.

The Cavro Magni Flex is ideal for OEM customers looking to quickly develop an automated liquid handling solution. Available in one standard worktable size with a choice of three different multichannel pipetting configurations plus an optional gripper accessory, it is packed with features intended for seamless integration into most instruments.

Designed to match the needs of your application


  • Scalable – two, four or eight pipetting channels to match various throughput requirements
  • Variable tip spacing (independent channels) – adaptable to different labware needs for specific applications
  • Optimized process security – reliable liquid level detection, even in the presence of foams or air bubbles
  • Integrated with the Cavro Pulssar PBC Pump – a low maintenance piston pump ideally suited for a variety of applications
  • Tecan MAPlinx™ software – a software development tool for easy programming
  • Autocalibration – auto alignment of the robot for quick set-up at the end-user site
  • 3D simulator – emulates actual hardware commands in 3D, so software development can start before the hardware arrives


The Cavro Magni Flex’s OEM liquid handling technology offers straightforward automation of a wide range of laboratory processes, from immunoassay processing to molecular diagnostics.

The workdeck can be easily configured with various labware carriers, cutouts and custom grids to meet the workflow and interface requirements of your application.

Tecan MAPlinx software is a straightforward platform for easier end-user software development. It includes high level command codes for effortless programming of robotic functions, a worktable editor for simple definition of workdeck layouts, a cloud-based repository of code libraries for easy access and integration into your project, and much more.


The platform’s liquid handling arm offers a choice of two, four or eight pipetting channels, with variable tip spacing capabilities to accommodate a variety of labware types, throughput demands and pipetting tasks.


Accelerating development

Proven off-the-shelf components shorten development time and reduce development risk.The Cavro Magni Flex aims to accelerate the time-to-market of your instrument. The Tecan MAPlinx software development toolkit includes a virtual robot to enable software development from day one, even before hardware integration.

Configurable chassis

The robot's workdeck is easily configurable to meet the requirements of your workflow. Available with a wide range of easy to load carriers to accommodate your labware, or custom carriers tailored to your specifications, it is designed to interface with almost any instrument housing.

Whether you need to process slides, plates, strips or individual microplate wells, the workdeck can be set up to optimize throughput and process security.

Workflow-oriented pipetting arm

The Cavro Magni Flex is available with a choice of two, four or eight pipetting channels to match your protocols. This also provides the foundations for the development of a family of instruments with varying throughput capacities.

Independent pipetting channels enable automated adjustment of tip spacing – from 9 to 445 mm – for access to a range of labware types and sample containers. This allows a variety of liquid handling tasks, including sample reformatting and cherry picking, to be performed in numerous formats.


Operating voltage 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power supply rating 480 W
Maximal power per output @24 V 95 W continuous
200 W for max. 120 s
X-axis Stepper with field-oriented control (FOC)
Y-axis DC with incremental encoder
Z-axis DC with incremental encoder
Operating temperature1 15-35 °C / 59-95°F
Humidity2 30-80 % RH at ≤30 °C
0-2,000 m above sea level
Storage2 1-60 °C / 34-140°F
5-80 % RH at ≤30 °C
Transport2 -20 to +60 °C / -4 to +140°F
20-80 % RH at ≤30 °C

1) mechanism
2) non condensing, mechanism

To other Tecan devices CAN21 500 kb/s
CAN11 100 kb/s
To host USB

1) Tecan-specific protocol

Required OS Windows 10
Offered Tecan MAPlinx software development kit
3D simulator
Tecan tips Standard fixed tips
Septum piercing Standard movement, max. 9 N
Five-grid deck with pipetting arm
  Two-channel Four-channel Eight-channel
Width 878 mm 878 mm 878 mm
Depth 737.5 mm 737.5 mm 737.5 mm
Height 795.5 mm 795.5 mm 795.5 mm
Weight1 42 kg 44 kg 52 kg

1) Includes arms, workdeck, gripper option and pumps

Travel length X-axis Y-axis Z-axis
Functional/partial access
Two-channel 691 mm 4451 / 4542 mm 1433 / 1804 mm
Four-channel 691 mm 3881 / 4142 mm 1433 / 1804 mm
Eight-channel 653 mm 3531 / 4142 mm 1433 / 1804 mm
Maximum speed
Top speed 750 mm/s 300 mm/s 400 mm/s
Acceleration 1,000 mm/s2 1,500 mm/s2 2,400 mm/s2
Resolution 0.02 mm 0.05 mm 0.0013 mm
Payload N/A N/A 400 g5
Accuracy ±0.6 mm ±0.6 mm ±0.6 mm

1) Includes arms, workdeck, gripper option and pumps
2) All channels together
3) With standard fixed tips
4) Maximum
5) In combination with gripper option

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