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The Cavro Omni Flex provides OEM instrument designers with a complete solution for liquid handling tasks, simplifying the development, testing and regulatory approval of new automated solutions.

Combining the proven liquid handling performance of the Cavro Omni Robot with a purpose-built chassis and worktable, it provides a modular, convenient solution for automation of pipetting and sample handling activities.

Tab 01 / Overview

The Cavro Omni Flex provides a starting point for the development of a complete liquid handling platform, with a range of options to precisely match your system design and application needs.


  • Faster time-to-market – shorter development times using UL recognized and RoHS compliant components
  • Quality and regulatory compliance– designed and manufactured under ISO 13485 and 21 CFR 820 standards
  • Industry proven solution – lowering the technology risk in your development process
  • High accuracy and durability – optimized for repetitive liquid handling tasks
  • Easily configured – Large number of options and modules, including single- and dual-channel pipetting, plus a gripper
  • Scalable – with three deck sizes to match your throughput needs
  • Choice of liquid handling technologies – allowing air- or liquid-displacement pipetting on a single instrument
  • High process security – Integrated liquid level detection and position encoder for each axis


Accelerating development

Time-to-market is a major consideration in today’s fast-paced laboratory environment. The use of modular, verified OEM liquid handling components can dramatically shorten development cycles and reduce risk.

The Cavro Omni Flex represents a comprehensive, modular liquid handling framework that can be easily integrated into almost any system, allowing instrument designers to concentrate on their applications instead of individual pipetting tasks.

Comprehensive compliance

The need for extensive component testing can hold up the release of new products – particularly in the IVD market. The Cavro Omni Flex is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, including ISO13485, ISO9001 and FDA 21 CFR Part 820 requirements.

In addition, Cavro components follow national and regional compliance – such as Europe’s 2011 RoHS Directive, REACH and Conflict Minerals requirements – with extensive documentation and regulatory certificates available to support auditing activities.

Quality and expertise

Cavro brand components have provided innovative and reliable liquid handling to instrument designers for many years. We are a world-leading supplier of OEM pumps, robotics and other liquid handling components for laboratory automation, giving you peace of mind and complete confidence in the performance, workmanship and dependability of our products.

Offering robust solutions for almost any application in clinical


diagnostics, life science research or analytical chemistry, Tecan Cavro components are specifically designed to offer flexible integration and rapid prototyping, allowing you to quickly and easily set up and run them. In addition, a range of complementary accessories – including valves, syringes, racks, carriers, consumables and probes – further simplify device integration and product development, ensuring we can provide the right solution for your application.

Tab 02 / Basic configuration

Scalable workspace

Available in three widths – 715, 965 and 1,465 mm – the Cavro Omni Flex’s rigid chassis simplifies instrument design by housing all the components and accessories required for your application in a compact footprint.

The system’s worktable is compatible with Tecan’s broad range of carriers and racks, making it quick and easy to configure with various devices, labware items and consumables.

Integrated power supply

The Cavro Omni Flex enables straightforward integration of a wide range of modules and third party devices.

It features a 600W power supply, allowing a variety of devices – such as heaters and shakers – to be mounted on or under the worktable without the need for an additional power supply.

A secondary mains voltage output is also available, enabling other appliances to be switched on and off through the Cavro Omni Flex.

MFC board

A built-in MFC board enables straightforward control of integrated devices for walkaway processing.

Two versions are available, based on the same PCBA layout; a basic version with limited functionality for cost-sensitive applications, and a full version with additional connectors offering greater versatility.

High quality finish

The Cavro Omni Flex has the look and feel of a finished product, and is available in open- and closed-back configurations.

The open-back configuration offer maximum workspace for your application, with pumps and additional modules mounted below the worktable and accessible via the front of the instrument for maintenance.

This is complemented by a closed-back configuration with the pumps mounted at the rear of the worktable for applications requiring less on-deck capacity.

Straightforward communication

A variety of communication interfaces are available – including RS-232 and Ethernet – using a single communication bus to control multiple devices.

Simple testing tools

The Cavro Fusion software tool gives instrument designers the ability to easily connect to and operate Tecan Cavro modules for performance evaluation, offering both a straightforward graphical user interface (GUI) for basic control of the robot, and a scripting environment for writing automated scripts, bench testing, application testing and on-site troubleshooting.

Tab 03 / Options

Wide range of options and modules

The Cavro Omni Flex is available with a wide range of options and modules to match your liquid handling requirements and instrument design.

Syringe pumps

The Cavro Omni Flex’s chassis features mounting points for a range of Tecan Cavro 30 mm syringe pumps.

The system can also be used with the Cavro ADP air pipetting option, or customized for use with Tecan Cavro 60 mm syringe pumps.


Tecan Cavro 30 mm syringe pumps

Below worktable

  • Cavro XCalibur
  • Cavro XE
  • Cavro MiniWash
  • Cavro Smart Valve

Behind worktable

  • Cavro Centris
  • Cavro XCalibur
  • Cavro XE
  • Cavro MiniWash
  • Cavro Smart Valve
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Standard skins are available for the side panels, top valance and lower door, allowing the rapid development of prototypes and test platforms with the look and feel of a finished product.

Customized colors and designs are available for production instruments (depending on order volume).


A door and side shields are available to isolate the worktable from the external environment, providing user protection and enhanced process security.


The lower door and shields can be fitted with locks and sensors to prevent unauthorized access or interruption of the instrument during a run.

Wash station

Integrated probe washing allows the use of fixed pipetting probes while minimizing the risk of carry-over and contamination.

Racks and carriers

Choose from a variety of Tecan racks and carriers to meet the needs of your application.

  • Racks for various tube sizes
  • Microplate racks in portrait or landscape orientations
  • Reagent racks
  • Disposable tip racks
  • Deep-well racks
  • Microfuge tube racks
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Probes and tips

A range of high quality stainless steel pipetting probes are available to match your application needs, including wide bore, cap piercing, long, short and low volume options.

The Omni Flex is also compatible with the Tecan disposable tips – with or without filters – which are manufactured to the highest quality standards for precise, reliable and safe pipetting.

Task lighting

LED illumination aids worktable set-up and routine maintenance tasks.

User alerts

A high level status indicator light can be programmed to offer ‘at a glance’ instrument status checks for end users, while a built-in buzzer can provide audible alerts if there is a problem or manual intervention is required.

Tab 04 / Specifications

Operating voltage 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz.
Maximum power/current
10A (Including 3A for power output receptacles)
Axis Control   Stepper Motor Drive:
X/Y-axis: Closed loop positioning with step loss detection based on linear encoder feedback
Z-axis: FOC closed loop control based on rotary encoder feedback. Provides full servo capabilities
including adjustable force control.
High efficiency
Liquid Level Detection Capacitive Liquid Level Detection
Highly variable sensitivity (117 levels)
Pressure-based Liquid Level Detection*
Hybrid Liquid Level Detection*
Pressure Monitoring Available with optional ADP
To host TCP/IP
To other Cavro devices Tecan CAN
Protocol TCP/IP
Evaluation software   Fusion
Command set PC-based command processor interface or embedded one-letter command set
Travel length X-axis (Single arm):
500, 750 or 1,250 mm
(19.7, 29.5 or 49.2 in)
Y-axis: 300 mm (11.8 in)
Z-axis: 210 mm (8.27 in)
  Note: Restrictions apply depending on configuration.

Overall dimensions (approximation)   Width:
715, 965 or 1,465 mm
(28.1, 38.0 or 57.7 in)
Depth: 638 mm (25.1 in)
Height: 1047 mm (41.2 in)
  (Standard Z, from top of flexible mesh sleeve to bottom of the chassis including feet)

Maximum payload for
each axis
X-axis: 6.6 kg (incl. Y- and Z-axes)
Y-axis: 3.2 kg (incl. Z-axis)
Z-axis: Universal Z: 1.5 kg
Standard Z / Dual Z: Tecan tip options
Cap piercing Yes
Accuracy for each axis X/Y/Z-axis (bidirectional at the tip):
X:  ±0.3 mm, up to 1,000 mm travel
X:  ±0.4 mm, up to 1,250 mm travel
Y:  ±0.3 mm
Z : ±0.4 mm (Standard Z / Dual Z)
Z:  ±0.25 mm (Universal Z)
X/Y-axis (bidirectional at the carriage):
X:  ±0.2 mm
Y:  ±0.2 mm
Repeatability X/Y/Z-axis (bidirectional at the tip):
X: =0.2 mm
Y: =0.2 mm
Z: =0.4 mm (Standard Z / Dual Z)
Z: =0.15 mm (Universal Z)
X/Y-axis (bidirectional at the carriage):
X: =0.12 mm
Y: =0.12 mm
Resolution X-axis: 0.02 mm
Y-axis: 0.02 mm
Z-axis: 0.0219 mm (Standard Z / Dual Z)
Z-axis: 0.011 mm (Universal Z)
Maximum speed X-axis: 800 mm/s (31.5 in/s)
Y-axis: 600 mm/s (23.6 in/s)
Z-axis: 600 mm/s (23.6 in/s)
Operating temperature 10 to 35 °C (50 – 95 °F)
Storage temperature -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)
Relative humidity 30 to 80 % at 35°C (95°F)

* with ADP option only

Tab 05 / Videos

Options to Reduce Time-to-Market

With Your Next Liquid Handling Instrument Development Project

When developing a liquid handling instrument, it is important to be first to market for early market leadership. Dr. Claudio Bui, Head of Product Concepts, Tecan, considers key elements to completing a project quickly and efficiently, including common pitfalls.


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Tab 06 / Literature


The Cavro Omni Flex provides OEM instrument designers with a complete solution for liquid handling tasks, simplifying the development, testing and regulatory approval of new automated solutions. Combining the proven liquid handling performance of the Cavro Omni Robot with a purpose-built chassis and worktable, it provides a modular, convenient solution for automation of pipetting and sample handling activities.

Cavro robotics family

OEM liquid handling robots for molecular diagnostics, life sciences, and analytical chemistry.

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