Mass spectrometry diagnostics

We understand the growing importance of mass spectrometry in clinical diagnostics.

Automation is the key to efficient, traceable diagnostics processes

Automated workflows hold the key to efficient, traceable diagnostic processes, from ‘dilute and shoot’, liquid-liquid and solid phase extraction to small molecule analysis and MALDI-TOF applications. Our expertise in developing tailored laboratory automation solutions for sample preparation and analysis by mass spectrometry makes Tecan your partner of choice.

From smart consumables to state-of-the-art laboratory automation, Tecan Partnering can work with you to develop a mass spectrometry workflow to meet your customers’ diagnostic needs.

Overcome workflow bottlenecks with sample preparation automation

Effective sample preparation prior to MS is essential for good analytical results. The combination of our advanced laboratory automation solutions and smart consumables – including Tecan SP consumables and the AC Extraction Plate™ – backed by extensive expertise in the sector, enable straightforward development of efficient workflows for the extraction and purification of analytes of interest from a variety of sample matrices.

Tecan Partnering can help you develop platforms to meet your customers’ needs for a diversity of applications, including drugs of abuse testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, and analysis of steroids and vitamins.

Small molecule

MS has become increasingly important for drugs of abuse testing, therapeutic drug monitoring and the analysis of steroids and vitamins, and the market for automated solutions is continually growing




Tecan Partnering’s many years of expertise in the field perfectly position it to help you design the ideal automation solution for your customers’ small molecule workflows.


Many laboratories are turning to MALDI-TOF for the identification of bacterial species, enabling the analysis of the ionized proteins. In addition, MALDI-TOF can be used to determine antimicrobial resistance in these species.




With years of experience supporting companies around the world, Tecan Partnering can help automate a wide range of MALDI-TOF analysis protocols.