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Cavro® MiniWash Pump (MW)

Continuous flow diaphragm pump

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The Cavro MiniWash Pump is a compact and easy-to-use continuous flow diaphragm pump for fast system priming, tip washing or bulk fluid dispensing, with flow rates of up to 150 ml/min.

  • Compact and economical system priming solution
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Improved throughput

The module has many uses, including aspirating or dispensing fluids with a wash head (plate washing), rapidly pumping fluids through a dispense probe (probe washing), and as a pump for moving fluids in and out of an active wash station. The Cavro MiniWash Pump is controlled via a TTL signal from an output port, and up to four of the modules can be configured together using a special ribbon cable.

The Cavro MiniWash Pump is UL recognized (standard UL61010A-1) and bears the UL designation label.