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Cavro OEM liquid handling components

Excellence in the world of OEM components

Every Cavro® pump, robot and valve, offers you more control over the development of and confidence in your final products. Afterall, it’s your product, designed and engineered for your application.

Tecan Cavro components deliver the excellence that you require, so you can focus resources on your core competencies.


Tecan Cavro pipetting robots are available in a variety of standard and custom configurations to provide automated liquid handling solutions for almost any OEM application, using fixed or disposable tips.

Cavro Robotic TechnologiesCavro Omni FlexCavro Magni FlexCavro Omni Robot

Our Tecan Cavro brand of OEM fluidic pumps and air displacement pipettors provide precision liquid handling for a wide range of application requirements.

Cavro Liquid Pumps Syringe Pumps Air Displacement Pipettors Piston Pumps Cavro Diaphragm Pumps

Tecan's wide assortment of Cavro valves help you to configure the flow path to meet your needs. The most common valve configuration is a rotary valve made of FEP and KEL-F®.

Smart valve Other valves

Cavro OEM Components and Systems
Learn how the Tecan Cavro components team can help bring your product to market.


Trust, Highest Standards and Ambition

Those are the values at the cornerstone of our business and that help us to deliver quality and reliable components to our customers and partners.
Cavro components product portfolio highlights include:

  • Pumps, robotics, valves, manifolds, consumables and spare parts
  • Integration and training support
  • Clinical diagnostics, life sciences research and analytical chemistry applications


  • Pumps, robotics, valves, consumables and spare parts
  • Integration and training support
  • Clinical diagnostics, life sciences research and analytical chemistry applications

Reliable precision

You define your performance specifications, and we design and build Tecan Cavro components with the precision and accuracy that you need to meet those specifications.

All Tecan Cavro components are manufactured to superior quality standards, giving you confidence that your products will perform to your specifications time after time.

Customize your component

Expertise and design flexibility

All of our Tecan Cavro components are available in multiple formats. Whatever requirements you have for size, speed, volume and throughput – even labeling and finish – we can assemble the perfect combination of components to match your design. We support your success with training to ensure fast and easy integration into your product.

Meet our experts

One-stop shop

Cavro products include a broad portfolio of air displacement and syringe pumps, robotic arms and platforms, valves and consumables, as well as spare parts. Tecan Cavro OEM components are designed to be inter-compatible, providing optimal performance and easy integration to save precious time for life science and diagnostic instrument designers.

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MAPlinx™ Software accelerates application software development for Tecan OEM platforms and components.

Cavro Express Software simplifies integration of robotic platforms, with convenient tools to speed up the development of control software for Cavro robots and their derivatives.

Cavro Fusion Software enables easy connection and operation of Tecan Cavro modules through a Windows®-based PC.

Cavro Integration Kit provides all necessary items for you to quickly start evaluating Tecan Cavro components.