Take advantage of Tecan Partnering’s expertise to develop solutions to meet your immunodiagnostics automation needs.

Tecan has a wealth of experience in automating immunoassays

Immunodiagnostics remains an important field of clinical laboratory medicine, with ELISAs and chemiluminescent based immunoassays essential analytical tools.

Tecan has spent many years developing a wide product portfolio to support these applications, acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the field that is invaluable for creating the perfect immunodiagnostics solutions for your customers’ laboratories.

Developing solutions fit for the future

When you need a tailored immunodiagnostics solution, it is important to choose a partner that understands the market and how it is likely to progress in the future, with the know-how to offer the guidance necessary to shape the final product.

Tecan has a broad portfolio of automated liquid handling platforms, microplate readers and washers that can be combined to automate immunodiagnostics workflows. This wide experience allows Tecan Partnering to collaborate with its clients worldwide – from large corporations to start-ups – to custom-build the perfect immunodiagnostics solutions.

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)

Tecan Partnering has extensive experience in the automation of antibody-based testing for infectious diseases, autoantibodies and allergens.

Building on the success of the ready-to-use Freedom EVOlyzer®, Tecan Partnering can fully automate your ELISA processes, from sample to result.


By integrating all the modules necessary – liquid handlers, readers, washers and incubators – we can offer everything from compact low throughout OEM platforms to high throughput solutions.

Third-party modules can also be integrated, and different technologies combined, for example, to allow both an ELISA and an immunofluorescence assay to be performed on a single instrument.

Chemiluminescence immunoassays (CLIA)

A chemiluminescence immunoassay – a combination of a chemiluminescence technique and immunochemical reactions –is often used for clinical diagnostics applications because of its high sensitivity, good specificity and broad dynamic range.

Tecan Partnering can integrate a range of luminescence microplate readers into customized platforms for automated CLIA.

The accuracy of CLIAs is affected by time constraints and depends on measurements being taken in complete darkness. Automation is the key.

Tecan Partnering collaborates with its clients to develop automated CLIA platforms, using its optical know-how and automation expertise to integrate state-of-the-art luminescence microplate readers, such as the Spark®, into optimized, custom-built solutions.

We can deliver everything you need in a single automated CLIA workflow, providing optimum flexibility and quality of results, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Fluorescence immunoassay (FLIA)

Like CLIA, FLIA is often used in clinical diagnostics because of its superior sensitivity.

Tecan works closely with its partners to establish automated FLIA solutions, integrating advanced fluorescence readers – such as the Spark multimode reader – and optimizing the excitation and emission settings to ensure high quality results.