Cavro® Smart Input/Output Board
      (IO Board)

      To streamline input and output

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      The Cavro Smart Input/Output Board provides an easy way to connect and control TTL level input/output ports. The microprocessor-driven PC board allows operation of a number of I/O ports from an external serial line.

      • Compatible with other Tecan Cavro components
      • Economical
      • Reliable

      The board uses the standard Cavro OEM communications protocol and includes 16 inputs, 16 outputs and four analog inputs. The Cavro Smart IO Board is available as a PCBA module or integrated into a Cavro Mini Sample Processor compatible mounting panel.

      The board is programmable using our software

      • to expand input/output capability
      • to add another control board for external devices
      • to include device diagnostics and error handling.