Molecular diagnostics

From sample to result, we understand every aspect of the molecular diagnostics workflow

Our application knowledge can save you time throughout your project, helping to accelerate your time to market.

Nicholas Smith, Tecan

Increase in the demand for genomic testing

Molecular diagnostics is one of the most dynamic and transformative areas of diagnostics. Today, it has become an integral and critical part of the healthcare system globally, bringing value to every stage of medical care, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and monitoring.

The past few years have seen molecular diagnostics become central to the continuous discovery of biomarkers, leading to the development of new treatments, as well as related diagnostic tests. The resulting drive towards personalized medicine has led to a significant increase in the demand for genomic testing.

Tecan’s long history in molecular diagnostics

Tecan has supported this growth in molecular diagnostics across many healthcare environments, including hospitals, reference and centralized labs, and blood banks.

With over 25 years of expertise, we continue to support companies worldwide, bringing innovation and cutting-edge technologies to molecular diagnostics.

Support along the entire product life-cycle with full regulatory compliance

Whether you are a leading global diagnostic manufacturer, an innovative biotech or an fast-moving company looking to offer added value for nucleic acid sample preparation, we can support you through consultation, conceptualization and design, supply of components and consumables, manufacturing and regulatory assistance.

We are very happy with the excellent product performance and quality, plus the strong support we have received.

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Next Generation Sequencing technologies offer an alternative solution to the challenges faced with techniques such as Sanger sequencing and PCR.

In the clinical diagnostics setting NGS offers many opportunities, but challenges still remain.

Tecan can be your key partner in overcoming challenges in developing NGS based automation solutions

Through our in-depth knowledge we are able to offer you consultation in automating workflows and our experienced Development and Regulatory teams can support you in launching a validated NGS system. In addition our modular portfolio includes customized solutions to cover your needs for an automated NGS library preparation workflow including sample preparation, amplification and quality control.

Real-time PCR (qPCR)

Real-time PCR is one of the methods of choice when it comes to oncology, prenatal screening and infectious disease testing.

Time to results and lowering cost are compelling factors in this field.

Tecan is a trusted partner for qPCR automation solutions.

Tecan is the partner to trust for addressing customer’s requirements through customized solutions for fully automated qPCR based middle to high throughput molecular diagnostic testing.

Every technology brings its challenges. With our wide range of expertise in hardware and software coupled with applications and regulatory compliance, we will be able to find the best solution fitting the needs of your qPCR workflow.


Perfect synergy for molecular diagnostics

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