Cavro® Pulssar piston pumps

Piston pumps are used in a wide range of single-fluid aspiration and dispensing applications. The Cavro Pulssar series of OEM piston pumps offers best-in-class performance, ensuring high precision and accuracy for pipetting, diluting and dispensing applications. Available with a range of market-leading options – such as integrated valves, control electronics, and pressure sensors – the pump’s ultra-low maintenance design offers exceptional process security and peace of mind for challenging applications.

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Cavro Pulssar PBC Pump

Cavro Pulssar PSR Pump

Key benefits

Building quality systems for regulated markets

All of our pumps are designed and manufactured under strict quality standards, in an environment which meets ISO13485, ISO9001 and FDA 21 CFR Part 820 requirements. This is particularly beneficial for diagnostic instrument designers and IVD system manufacturers, reducing risk throughout the entire instrument lifecycle.

In addition, Cavro components follow national and regional compliance – such as Europe’s 2011 RoHS Directive, REACH and Conflict Minerals requirements.

Accelerating instrument development

In today’s fast-paced environment, time-to-market is a major consideration for any instrument designer. However, the efforts required to comply with regulatory standards often have an impact on development and production timelines.

The need for extensive component testing and validation data can hold up release of new products, potentially harming your position in the marketplace. One way to accelerate development and simplify regulatory approval of your instruments is to use proven OEM components that have already been extensively tested and verified.

Precision liquid handling for every job

Tecan Cavro brand components have provided innovative and reliable liquid handling to instrument designers for many years, offering robust solutions for almost any application in clinical diagnostics, life sciences research or analytical chemistry.

We are a world-leading supplier of OEM pumps, robotics and other liquid handling components for laboratory automation, giving you peace of mind and complete confidence in the performance, workmanship and dependability of our products. All Tecan Cavro pumps have been specifically developed to offer flexible integration and rapid prototyping, allowing you to quickly and easily set up and run them.