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Applied markets

The AQUA8000 offers complete automation of pre-analytical sample handling, reducing errors and freeing staff to perform other tasks.

We quickly built a strong collaboration with the Cavro team, combining their liquid handling expertise with our understanding of clinical samples and workflows to fully automate the aliquoting process. Incorporation of the Cavro Omni Robot and Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) into our platforms allowed us to create robust and flexible systems.

Joan Viladomat, engineering manager at NGNY

Fully automated pre-analytical sample processing for clinical testing

NGNY Devices, based in Spain, used its engineering knowledge to develop automated sorting and aliquoting systems, helping laboratories to increase reliability and traceability, and ensure that high numbers of patient samples are processed quickly, accurately and confidently.

Joan Viladomat, Engineering Manager at NGNY explained: “When samples arrive in a lab’s specimen reception area, they can be loaded straight onto our AQUA systems, which register the tubes and sort them based on their destination within the laboratory. The instrument then aliquots samples as required, reducing the need for users to perform manual pipetting, and moves tubes from one rack to another, minimizing the chance of mistakes."