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Sansure Biotech Natch S

Molecular diagnostics

Natch S is a laboratory precision instrument for the extraction and purification of nucleic acids from human samples.

Tecan is continuously optimizing both its technologies and service offerings, which in turn helps us to do the same, creating a positive cycle that complements each other’s advantages

Mr Xu Fan, Vice President of Sansure

Advances in genomic and molecular diagnostic techniques

Sansure Biotech has successfully developed a market for qPCR-based diagnostic technologies in China, and has partnered with Tecan to offer complete automation of its nucleic acid extraction and screening workflows. Sansure captures the importance of effective laboratory automation, and its ethos – combining accurate and reproducible testing with ease of use and accessibility.

Mr Xu Fan, Vice President of Sansure, “The Freedom EVO® 100 workstation is the automation core of our platform, which we then develop by integrating our own technologies to create a complete solution, from nucleic acid extraction to downstream PCR. The biggest advantages of this set-up are the reliability and productivity it offers. We already have market-leading extraction reagents, allowing high sensitivity, and automation ensures reproducible processing while greatly increasing throughput compared to manual processing, further increasing our competitiveness in the sector.”

From the launch of its first products in 2010, it took just six years for the company to become the second largest corporation in the molecular diagnostics market in China, supplying over 2,000 hospitals and laboratories across the country.