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Applied markets

The Synchron Xperimate is a modular robotic pipetting platform, combining flexible liquid handling with robotic manipulation of microplates and other devices.

Tecan is a great company to partner with, and there’s no doubt that the Tecan robot will continue to be a central feature in many of our future projects.

Derk Wilten, Director and Owner at Synchron


Synchron Lab Automation designs and builds customized solutions for automated liquid handling systems in a wide range of industries – from life sciences, petrochemistry and pharma to food and agriculture – developing bespoke software and hardware for each project.

The Synchron Xperimate is based on the Sias® Xantus® XYZ robot, and is integrated into 95% of Synchron’s projects. The flexibility of Xperimate allows unique configuration of the hardware –including deck size, pipetting tips, arm modules, and grippers – to suit different demands, while the open geometry and building block modularity of the platform offer high quality and reliable solutions customized for virtually any application.