Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP)

A compact pipetting solution for molecular and cell biology applications


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A compact, pneumatic pipetting solution
for OEM instrumentation

The Cavro ADP is one of the smallest and most sophisticated air pipettors on the market, combining advanced pipetting, process security and tip eject functionalities in a single unit.

Designed for easy integration into compact instruments,  this pipetting module is ideal for applications that use disposable tips to prevent carry-over or contamination, such as molecular diagnostics, cell culturing and point of care (POC) diagnostics.

It offers high performance liquid handling with improved process security – including pressure-based liquid level detection, tip presence confirmation and pressure data streaming – simplified workflows and lower integration requirements.

The ADP is easily integrated into compact instruments using an optional z-axis or one of your own design, with a slim profile to allow 18 mm tip-to-tip spacing for microplate-based applications in diagnostics, genomics and immunochemistry.


  • Outstanding pipetting performance
  • Highly programmable feature set
  • Integrated process security

Fully programmable pneumatic pipetting

The Cavro ADP is a fully programmable pipetting module that uses air rather than liquid displacement to aspirate and dispense fluids. Air displacement pipetting simplifies your instrument design and reduces costs by eliminating system liquids and associated components such as pumps, degassers, tubing, fittings, valves, etc.

This Cavro ADP’s slender design makes it ideal for POC applications, and it is compatible with Tecan’s high quality disposable tips to reduce carry-over and provide precise dispensing.

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Excellent pipetting performance

Pipetting performance is comparable to advanced manual pipettors, using a range of disposable tip sizes. The Cavro ADP is factory calibrated to ensure accurate air displacement and minimize pump-to-pump variability.

The pipettor’s validated design will help to simplify your development projects, while its excellent reliability will ensure uninterrupted operation of your instrument.

Maintenance-free design

The maintenance-free design of the Cavro ADP simplifies system integration and reduces maintenance costs compared to alternative pipetting technologies.

The air-displacement pipetting mechanism includes onboard liquid level detection and diagnostics to monitor correct operation. The Cavro ADP can be integrated with any z-axis to fit your system architecture



The ADP is supported with Cavro integration kit or Cavro Fusion Software for rapid and easy setup and evaluation with other Cavro components.

Cavro Integration Kit
Cavro Fusion Software

Liquid level detection

The Cavro ADP features built-in pressure-based liquid level detection (pLLD) with user configurable settings. Data from the pressure sensor can also be streamed in real-time to enable other pressure monitoring tasks via a host computer, such as blockage or bubble detection.

In addition, the Cavro ADP is compatible with external capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD) technologies (cLLD sensor board available separately), ensuring maximum flexibility for your instrument design.

Tip sensor

The pipettor features an integrated disposable tip sensor to support sample integrity and process security requirements.

Its firmware can determine if a disposable tip has not been picked up or has fallen off the probe, flagging and logging any errors.

Tip ejector

A disposable tip ejection mechanism is incorporated into the design of the Cavro ADP, allowing tips to be ejected by a single command.

The ejector uses the same drive mechanism as the plunger, minimizing weight and further simplifying integration.


  ADP ordering part numbers
Full Configuration (includes pressure sensor, tip eject, tip detection) 30041734
Base Configuration (does not include pressure sensor, tip eject, tip detection) 30055878

Disposable tip options

  Tecan Standard Tecan Pure
Application examples
customer segments
ELISA: Sample handling,
Biochemical screening
Genomics research:
Forensics, Molecular Diagnostics
Features Non-filtered Filtered Non-filtered Filtered
50 µl        
200 µl        
1000 µl        

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Principle Stepper motor gear driven piston, integrated encoder for step loss detection
Travel 50 mm
Plunger speed1 1.0 sec to >10 h
Resolution 40,000 increments
(25 nl/increment)
Life expectancy Drive mechanism: 5 million cycles
Probe assembly: 1 million cycles (field replaceable)

1) per stroke, depending on syringe size and tubing

Sizes N/A
Barrel material N/A
Plunger seal material N/A
Precision1 ≤0.75 % at 1,000 μl
≤6 % at at 1 μl
Accuracy2 ≤1 % at 1,000 μl
≤5 % at 1 μl

1) % CV at room temperature using deionized water
2) % deviation at room temperature using deionized water

Height 141 mm (body)
Probe + tip length: ~100 mm
Width ~17 mm (18 mm device spacing)
Depth 85 mm
Weight <500 g (1.1 lb)
Supply voltage 24 VDC ± 10 %
Peak current 500 mA
Type RS-485 or CAN BUS
Baud rate RS-485: 9,600,38,400 or 115,200 (default)
CAN: 100 KB, 125 KB, 250 KB, 500 KB (default) or 1 MB
Plunger speed1 1.0 sec to >10 h
Addressing Up to 8 devices can be addressed individually
Communications Data terminal and OEM protocol (Serial); Cavro CAN (CAN)
Inputs One TTL Level Input
Outputs One TTL Level Output

1) per stroke, depending on syringe size and tubing

  Cavro's industry standard OEM command set including volume-based pipetting commands, complete programming and speed control, error handling and diagnostics.
Operating temperature1 15-35 °C
(59-95 °F)
Humidity2 20-85 % RH at 35 °C
Storage temperature -20 to +70 °C
(-4 to 158 °F)

1) mechanism
2) non-condensing, mechanism

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The Encompass MDX: rapid development of a molecular diagnostics platform to address diverse market needs

Video presentation at Tecan booth at AACC 2016. Presenters: Steve Pemberton, VP of Marketing and Sales at Rheonix; William Hathaway, Manager of Product Engineering at Rheonix

Cavro ADP a hit with Chinese in vitro diagnostic customers

Chinese company DaAn Gene has integrated the Cavro ADP and disposable tips into its new generation of molecular diagnostic instruments, bringing the advantages of Tecan’s liquid pipetting expertise to blood banks and infectious disease laboratories in China.

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Cavro Air Displacment Pipettor automates routine pipetting tasks with accuracy, precision, and unparalleled process security features designed to streamline your automation requirements.

The Cavro ADP is an integral part of Tecan’s leading line of OEM liquid-handling pumps.

Quick start guides

This Quick Start Guide offers helpful tips and techniques to help you accelerate and optimize your liquid handling techniques with the Cavro ADP.

This Quick Start Guide describes how to capture, understand and use streamed pressure data to get the most value from your pipettor.

This Quick Start Guide offers helpful tips and techniques to connect to and communicate with the Cavro ADP.

This Quick Start Guide offers tips and techniques to help Cavro ADP customers use its built-in liquid level detection to improve process security in their applications.

Tecan Journal Articles

The Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) is a compact pipetting solution for easy integration and exceptional liquid handling performance.

Chinese company DaAn Gene has integrated the Cavro ADP into its new generation of molecular diagnostic instruments, bringing the advantages of Tecan’s liquid pipetting expertise to blood banks and infectious disease laboratories in China.

Tecan has introduced two extra options for the Cavro Omni Robot; the Dual Z and the ADP (Air Displacement Pipettor).

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