Robotic Sample Processor (RSP)

Robotic XYZ components for OEM applications

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The Cavro RSP is the perfect base unit to automate OEM liquid handling applications. The module is available with one or two arms, liquid level sensing, and step loss detection on all axes. A variety of fixed and disposable probes, including an 8-channel probe head, are available to support virtually any application. The Central Control Unit (CCU) provides on-board handling of items like rack and tube positions, single point worktable calibration and arm collision avoidance.

  • wide range of options
  • trusted and proven design and reliability
  • compatible with all Tecan Cavro components

The Cavro RSP is flexible in size and configuration, offering a wide range of liquid handling options and end-effectors. It is compatible with a wide variety of other Tecan Cavro components, allowing easy integration.

The Cavro RSP is UL recognized (standard UL61010A-1) and bears the UL designation label.

Cavro RSP Specifications

Cavro Robotic Sample Processor Brochure