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This content is available also in other languages

Cavro® Express Software

Intuitive software to simplify your robot integration

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The Cavro Express Software has been designed to simplify your robot integration, providing convenient tools to speed up the development of software intended to control Cavro MSP and Cavro RSP robotic hardware and derivatives.

  • Shortened time to market
  • Takes easy control of your instruments
  • Intuitive programming tool

This programming tool utilizes Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) and convenient graphical interfaces to help define your worktable, select your liquid handling tools, and provide libraries of information such as liquid classes, ensuring that you get the results you need. This approach minimizes the effort required to make global changes and reduces the risk of introducing inconspicuous mistakes that often require a significant debugging effort. The object-oriented design means that the programmer does not have to re-invent code that is common to liquid handling applications, and both application and developer formats are available to meet individual needs.

This software is available as an evaluation tool and is not intended to be used as an application software.