RAUDSZUS Electronic

Applied markets

Raudszus' pipetting system provides customized front-end sample preparation for milk testing.

It is important that our system can be customized to provide exactly what the customer needs, and partnering with Tecan allows us to do this.

Micaela Raudszus-Weidenschlager, Head of Sales and Project Management at Raudszus Electronic

Raudszus pipetting system

RAUDSZUS Electronic in Bavaria, Germany, provides customized front-end sample preparation solutions for milk testing, helping the dairy industry to ensure the quality and safety of its products.

Based on the Sias® Xantus® pipetting system, these high throughput platforms enable complete automation of the testing process, and the company has also recently begun offering its customers the option to perform automated ELISA testing of milk for disease and pregnancy.

The flexibility of the Xantus platform enables this work to be seamlessly integrated with the routine screening workflow, allowing valuable additional testing without compromising throughput.