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System integration

Complex systems are our business. We can unite multiple subsystems to ensure smooth operation of your entire platform. 

System integration

Bringing it all together

Your product isn’t complete until all the parts function seamlessly as a unified system.


Our system integration team unites, adjusts, refines and tests every component of your system. They investigate deviation from any specification until a root cause is identified. They analyze and collaborate across the team to develop the most effective solution. Then they test again until performance to your specification is confirmed for every function and for the entire system. With our system integration team, you can be confident that even your most complex platforms will deliver seamless operation for your customers. 

It’s just easier to work with someone who can do it all the way from design through to manufacturing.

Tecan is uniquely suited to integrating the components and subassemblies that define complex diagnostic and life science instrument platforms.


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