Customized development

      Whatever your system needs, Tecan’s design and engineering teams have extensive experience in the development and manufacture of customized automated systems for life science and diagnostics.

      With a basis in engineering excellence and a detailed understanding of life science and diagnostic workflows, let our experience complement yours to realize your product according to your exact requirements.

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      Concept & design

      Our concept team

      Our team, dedicated to your project

      When your project requires something new, something you’ve never done before, our most creative concept specialists work with you to bring your vision to life.

      Application expertise

      Partnership for market success

      We’re in this together. Life science and diagnostics are our business. We understand why you do what you do and why your customers do what they do.

      Tecan risk management

      Highest quality to minimize risk

      Minimize risk. Our forward-looking approach enables us to anticipate and mitigate potential developent challenges.

      Customized development - tell us what you want and our development team will bring the complementary expertise you need. Challenge us

      Nick Smith, Tecan

      Modular development

      Cavro® Magni Flex

      Cavro Magni Flex is a modular and scalable multichannel liquid handling platform which is available in a wide range of standard or custom sizes and designed for a seamless integration in laboratory instruments or IVD platforms.

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      Fluent® series

      Fluent series supports in increasing throughput and productivity while maintaining precision and accuracy, enabling laboratories to get more done in less time and less space.

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      Freedom EVO® series

      These versatile liquid handling platforms can be configured with a broad choice of robotic arms, liquid handling tools and application options to meet your individual needs.

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      Xantus is a modular pipetting robot, combining flexible liquid handling with robotic manipulation of microplates and other devices.

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      Modular software

      Tecan MAPlinx software


      MAPlinx is Tecan’s state of the art modular software architecture which accelerates application software development for Tecan OEM platforms and components.
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      System development

      Engineering expertise

      Customized development

      Our design and engineering teams complement yours to manufacture customised components or complete systems.

      System integration

      Bringing it all together

      Complex systems are our business. We can unite multiple subsystems to ensure smooth operation of your entire platform.

      Your product isn’t complete until all the parts function seamlessly as a unified system.

      Assay development

      Tailored for your platform

      Our team brings the assay development support you need to deliver reliable, robust research and diagnostic assays.

      When off-the-shelf assays don’t give your customers the performance they need, our assay development team can help you develop assays that do.