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Customer success stories

Tecan Partnering continuously strives for mutually valuable relationships with our partners.

Extensive experience in the development and manufacture of customized automated systems and components allows Tecan to understand and meet partner requirements to the highest degree. Together with Tecan Partnering, you can bring your vision to life.

We are very happy with the excellent product performance and quality, plus the strong support we have received. 

Mr Junan Hong, Research and Development Director for DaAn Gene

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Certest Biotec


VIASURE V-Flex is a fully automated platform for nucleic acid extraction, purification and PCR set-up.



The MERSCOPE Platform is the first commercial high multiplexing, high resolution in situ solution to combine single-cell and..

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Amplitude Solution

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Amplitude Solution is a high-throughput automated molecular diagnostic testing solution.


PyroTec® PRO

The PyroTec PRO is an automated robotic solution for endotoxin detection.

DaAn Gene


DaAn Gene DA3000 is a DNA extraction system for infectious disease screening in blood banks.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Ortho Vision®

The ORTHO VISION platform helps transfusion medicine and blood banks to automate tests improving workflow and lab standardization.

Agilent Dako

Dako Omnis

Dako Omnis is designed to meet the needs of the high volume pathology lab that runs both IHC and ISH slides.


PS-10 Sample Preparation System

The PS-10 is a highly automated, flexible sample prep system for laboratory developed tests and routine flow cytometry..

Inova Diagnostics

QUANTA-Lyser® 3000

The QUANTA-Lyser 3000 is a high throughput instrument for EIA and IFA processing that completes workloads faster with less..


d.Drive PUMP

The d.Drive PUMP is a high-precision, low-pulsation dosing pump commonly used in sample analysis and process engineering.

Yourgene Health

Yourgene® SP150

Yourgene® SP150 is validated and designed to extract cfDNA from plasma and to construct DNA libraries for NGS downstream..

Codex DNA

BioXp 3200

The BioXp 3200 system advanced gene assembly techniquesenable scientists to rapidly develop synthetic genomes and genome parts..


Ultra-Plex 96

The Ultra-Plex 96 is a high throughput screening system that uses multiplexed-tandem PCR technology for the rapid detection.


Sequel System

The award-winning PacBio Sequel Systems are powered by Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing technology and deliver highly..



The LiqBiopSens by AWSensors, is a liquid biopsy platform for early detection and monitoring of colorectal cancer.

Sansure Biotech

Natch S

Natch S is a laboratory precision instrument for the extraction and purification of nucleic acids from human samples.



The AQUA8000 offers complete automation of pre-analytical sample handling, reducing errors and freeing staff to perform other..


Amplidiag® Easy

The Amplidiag Easy automates the nucleic acid extraction and PCR plate setup for all Amplidiag diagnostic products.

Labsystems Diagnostics


The NS2400 is a high throughput neonatal screening system designed to offer rapid, flexible processing for fluorimetric assays,..

Siemens Healthineers

Quadriga BeFree®

Quadriga BeFree System is an effective high throughput solution for blood donor screening.

Zivak Technologies

VD-200 D2/D3 Analyzer

VD-200 enables fully automated analysis of Vitamin D2/D3 samples – without any human intervention.


VirClia® Plus

VirClia® Plus provides high throughput automation of immunoassay-based infectious disease testing.



The Synchron Xperimate is a modular robotic pipetting platform, combining flexible liquid handling with robotic manipulation of..

Miltenyi Biotec

MultiMACS™ X

The MultiMACS™ X offers magnetic cell labeling and cell separation all in an automatic system and is designed for high-throughput..

Sophion Bioscience


QPatch is a fully automated patch clamp system and is used on almost any ion channel target.

RAUDSZUS Electronic

Pipetting system

Raudszus' pipetting system provides customized front-end sample preparation for milk testing.